Information and Guidelines for Weddings and Receptions

A wedding ceremony is a significant statement of your commitment to become husband and wife.  We share in your happiness as you formulate your wedding plans.  We are honored that you have chosen First Christian Church for this special event.  A Christian ceremony of marriage is an act of faithful worship, a sacred celebration of God’s gift of your love.  The wedding policy of First Christian Church is one that combines careful organization and planning for your wedding.

Scheduling a wedding at
First Christian Church

Reserving the church facilities is to be done through the church office as early as possible.  Weddings are scheduled on a first come basis.  Thought should be given to the area best suited for your wedding.  Our sanctuary seats approximately 450.  For a smaller, more intimate service, our chapel can seat a maximum of 50 and still provide the atmosphere for a church wedding.  Receptions can be held in our Fellowship Hall depending on the number of guests invited. If you choose to have your reception at the First Christian Church, we would recommend you speak to the wedding hostess before a final decision is made.  Janet Jaros is our current wedding hostess and would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.  Janet’s email address is


State law requires that a license be issued no more than 60 days in advance of the wedding date.  The license is issued in the county in which you live.  In Hamilton County, licenses may be obtained at the Hamilton County Clerk’s Office in the Hamilton County Government and Judicial Center in Noblesville.  A driver’s license, birth certificate, or passport can be used for identification.  If you use the driver’s license, it must have your correct address on it.

The wedding license is to be dropped off at the church office one week before the wedding or as required by the minister.  If our minister is not performing the ceremony, please make arrangements with the officiator concerning your license.

Consultation with
the Minister

The minister from First Christian Church is available to perform all weddings that are held at the church.  If you desire to have another minister perform your wedding service, they are  required to contact the minister at First Christian Church ahead of time.  The number of consultations with the minister will be determined by the minister.  He/She will offer suggestions and guidelines, using prescribed principles of our church along with your creativity and expectations, to facilitate a service that will be pleasing and meaningful for both of you.  These consultations will take about an hour to an hour and a half for each session.  These sessions will be arranged directly with the minister.


The cost of a wedding at First Christian Church is determined on the custodial costs, the organist’s services, sound technician and the wedding hostess. First Christian Church is open to all; there is no charge for the use of the sanctuary, chapel, family room and kitchen. The fees are due one week prior to the wedding.

Fees That Apply:

Organist:  $175.00

Wedding Hostess:  $125.00

Wedding Hostess helper: $25.00 per helper.
The number of helpers will depend on the size of the wedding party.

Custodian:  $100.00

Reception Custodian: $50.00

Sound Technician:  $100.00